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Did you know? Statistics on Hearing Loss

Having a hearing loss today is not as uncommon as one may believe. However it seems as if seeking treatment is less likely to occur with those who do have a hearing loss. The following statistics from the Better Hearing Institute well illustrate this gap between those with hearing losses and those who seek care. While we at Hearing HealthCare Center of Muscatine have been able to care for numberous individuals it is surprising to be reminded that there are so many that are not receiving the care that they should have.

*1 in 4 workers exposed to high levels of noise will develop a hearing loss

*only 13% of general practicioners screen for hearing loss

*3 in every 10 people over age 60 have a hearing loss

*1 in every 6 baby boomers ages 41-59 have a hearing loss

*1 in every 14 Generation Xers ages 29-40 already have a hearing loss

*14 million children under 18 have hearing problems

*only 1 out of 5 people who could benefit from a hearing aid actually wear one

*9 out of 10 hearing aid users report improvements in their quality of life

Clearly these statistics are startling. This truly indicates that a lot of people are choosing to go without solutions to their hearing loss. Most often this can be due to confusion about hearing aids or benefits available. At Hearing HealthCare Center of Muscatine we believe you should get the hearing care you deserve. Call us today for a personalized exam and treatment options for you or a loved one.

Jason Flynn

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